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Refit TSMY Raider by Van Leest Shipyard

November 2017 our adventures with the twin screw motor yacht Raider started. Raider was built in 1963 by a design of Willem de Vries Lentsch junior on the Schichau Shipyard in Bremerhaven Germany. The yacht is undergoing an extensive refit program to bring her back to her old glory. Raider is being refitted at the Van Leest Shipyard in Warmond near Leiden. Nauticon has an active role in the refit program with certification to Maltese Flag as a commercial yacht. It will be a joy to commence the sea trail program in May and the first cruise in May 2020!



Delivery of “Wings of the Morning”

“Wings of the Morning” is a beautiful classic Hans Christian 38T sailing yacht. The yacht was sailed from Bilbao Spain to Dordrecht inThe Netherlands. Although the owner would have sailed the yacht himself to Sweden circumstances prevailed his plans. Nauticon Yacht Services was contracted to make the delivery from Dordrecht to Cuxhaven.After this the owner would have time again in his agenda. It was a delivery that started at 20.00 in the evening to get the opening of the Alblasserdamsebrug at 21.15. After this passage the next bridges to be passed where the Koninginnebrug and Erasmusbrug at Rotterdam. These bridges opened around 23.00. within 2 hours of sailing the yacht was at open sea with a visibility of only half a mile. Sailing towards the north the weather and visibility improved. Passing the Northerly islands of the Netherlands and Germany we sailed toward the Elbe river. After two and a half hours on this nice river we sailed into the Cuxhaven Marina, or as it is called in German; der Segler-Vereinigung Cuxhaven.

Lagoon 42 “Waailap”

After two days of preparation it was time to depart. A delivery of a newly build Lagoon 42 from Les Sables d’ Olonne to Skradin in Croatia. A planned delivery time of almost three weeks to cover 2.500 sea miles. The crew consisted of three men. After departure the crew settled in a calm Golf of Biscay which helped to familiarize with the yacht. Moving towards the North Spanish coast the wind increased to give the catamaran a nice speed of around 8 knots. At the height of La Coruna the crew encountered a beautiful whale only 20-30 meters in front of the bow. First stop was in Cascais. The engines got serviced and necessary shopping was done. After Cascais the planning was to sail up to Cartagena to refuel and make the passage directly to Sicily. Stormy weather in the Strait of Gibraltar made an extra stop in Cadiz necessary. After refueling and supplying in Cartagena the yacht moved on to Licata at Sicily. An extra stop was planned in Catania for the owner to get onboard. The last 4 days we used to familiarize the owner with the yacht. After a calm passage through the Adriatic the yacht reached the beautiful inland bay of Skradin.


Delivery of MY Raider

On February 7th 2018 the crew of Nauticon Yacht Services BV consisting of Arnold Timmer Captain,  Lars Tanja Chief Engineer/OOW, Thomas Lumeij Engineer/OOW and Robert Baer (agent Spain and Portugal) started the delivery of MY Raider from Gibraltar to Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After a first try in December the crew knew that it would not be an easy ride. The old lady, a De Vries Lentsch TSMY of 1963, was in reasonable shape, but as a refit project she definitely needs a lot of care. After a bumpy and rolling passage of the Gulf of Cadiz, the crew encountered the first problems. Due to a leak in the ships number 1 compartment (bow section) filled up with water quickly. Thanks to the adequate reacting crew the ship was able to make here way to Cascais for necessary repairs.

From Cascais the route was followed to Vigo to bunker fuel and await the weather for a reasonable passage of the Gulf of Biscay. After two days of waiting and repairing the crew was able to continue here route to the Netherlands in a 36 hours weather window for the passage of the Gulf. After a 4 days non-stop sailing the crew delivered this beautiful old lady at her destination in the Waalhaven in Rotterdam. A 2.200 miles journey that developed into an enormous adventure for crew and ship!

Delivery of SY Cavalo and SY Voile-O-Vent


Delivery at the end of the season

At the end of October, beginning of November Nauticon crew has delivered two sailing yachts to their new sailing grounds. SY Cavalo was delivered from Nieuwpoort, Belgium to Arcachon in France and SY Voile-O-Vent was delivered from La Rochelle, France to Bruinisse in the Netherlands.

The last delivery from La Rochelle to Bruinisse started with extreme fog for the first 24 hours. After passing Rade de brest and the Chenal de Four conditions got better. With a fuel stop at L’Aber Wrach the next port would be Dieppe. After L’Aber Wrach the weather conditions improved enormously and the delivery was carried out within the time frame. Thanks to Hans Kuiper, our dedicated yacht master.



















Grey Falcon, a beautiful Continental Two

The weather forecast prediction was rain and wind, with gusts up to 30 knots. With enthusiasm a sailing weekend started with a Saturday morning the Grey Falcon, a brand new Wim van der Valk Continental Two, departure from the Wim van der Valk Shipyard in Waalwijk towards tGreyFalconhe historical village of Willemstad. After a good lunch and some shopping the journey continued to salt water by passing the Volkerak and Krammer locks. The Oosterschelde was crossed with windforce 6 without any problem. A night over stop was made in Kats so the owner and his family could enjoy the fresh Oosterschelde lobster and beautiful flat and tasty oysters from Zeeland.

More information, photo’s and video can be found on our website on the media tab.

Yacht delivery Support MY “Dutch Falcon”

Wim van der Valk Continental Yachts

Wim van der Valk Continental Yachts

Yacht delivery support was given for the delivery of the Van der Valk Continental Yacht “Dutch Falcon”. The delivery started on July 30th in Istanbul Turkey and finished on the destination Odessa, Ukraine on August 8th. The delivery went smooth without any problems. Most time was spent at bureaucratic desks.

Highly professional yacht servicing by Portman Nautic

With an extensive refit and repair program (R&R) to be executed on one of the yachts we have in management, a professional and highly skilled yacht service company was needed. We found this in Portman Nautic at Cambrils Spain. This company managed by Alex Franqueza Merino was contracted to execute almost all works described in the R&R program.





The main items in the R&R program consisted of aluminium and steel paintworks, engine room and deck lay-out modifications, full servicing of all generators, teak repairs, hydraulic works and an extensive renewal of the anti-fouling system, anodes and bow and stern truster propellers.

All works were completed within a tight time schedule on a highly professional manor which will make the alterations and repair last for many years.

If you are in need of extensive repairs or refits on your yacht (motor or sail) sail to Cambrils and contact Alex at Portman Nautic! Alex, job well done, thanks!!


Nauticon Cruise Information Brochures on line

Nauticon Cruise Information Brochures

To make an interesting sailing trip it is fun to collect relevant information from the internet and have an insight in point of interest, culture, history and nature. For Nauticon this is standard procedure. Producing a Cruise Information Brochure brings you in your mind to the sailing area and you learn the ins and outs of an area. We received many compliments from our clients about the content of our Cruise Information Brochures. The exited feeling of holiday starts with reading the brochure. We have decided to share our brochures on internet and hope you also find them interesting.

Check the brochures on our website, click here.