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Delivery MY Respire

The initial departure was planned on Monday 6th October, but a deepening depression on the Atlantic changed this plan. The forecasted wave height was around 4-5 meters, to much for this delicate 15 meter yacht. With a delay of 5 days the departure was rescheduled for Saturday 11th October. With a smooth sea and winds of 10 to 15 knots the delivery sailed towards the first route marker: Brest. With the knowledge of a forecasted depression moving towards the North it would be better to find shelter in either Brest or L’Abber Wrac’h. After crossing the Rade de Brest with reasonable weather we moved on via the Chenal de Four, inside Île de Ouessant. West of Roscoff there’s only one easily accessible port (L’Abber Wrac’h) before reaching the west facing coasts.With the deprsession closing we were able to make it in time in this sheltered port. After 36 hours the skies were clear and the sea was clam again. Time to leave and move on to shipyard Altena Yachting in the Netherlands. According to the weather charts we only had a window of 24 hours to make it through the English Channel before the high winds with rough seas would be closing in. We managed to stay in front of it and exactly 48 hours after departure of L’Abber Wrac’h we entered Stellendam via the Slijkgat. With thanks to Deckhand/Engineer Ingmar Loos from Loos Maritime Services, another succesfull delivery within the scheduled time frame was realized.


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Crippled Mochi 65 delivered

Transporting a yacht on own keel that has been under water for a while is a risk. Therefore the insurance company ordered that the transportation of a cripple Mochi 65 needed to be done by a professional yacht master. RYA Yacht Master Hans Kuiper of Nauticon Yacht Services BV was selected to execute this transportation and succesfully delivered the yacht to her destination. Engineers of MoNo Marine BV ensured that the engines and electronics kept working during the trip.

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Enjoy and admire the Spanish North Coast!

Starting the cruising season in March from the French coastal area of Brest we gradually sailed along the French coast towards the corner of the Gulf of Biscay, Hondaribbia and San Sebastian. The last two months we have cruised with two yachts the North Spanish Coast line and enjoyed the beautiful green landscapes with white beaches in enclosed bays. This area is avoided by many sailors, because of the fear of weather changes, the myths of the Biscay Gulf and the unknown. We encourage every sailor to make some stops enroute to the south or back to the north. From the Vigo area in the South West along the coast via Coruna, Giyon, Santander, Bilbao and Hondaribbia is a joy for everyone on board. A coast filled with culture, history and relaxed tavernas serving good wines and tappas! Not confident yet to do it with your own yacht? Call us and let us inform you about the charter option we can offer. Fully arranged sailing weeks along this beautiful coast! Enjoy the BBQ’s in the most beautiful bays you have ever seen, a clear Atlantic Ocean with a swimming temperature of 22 degrees C. This area can offer you all the best of sailing!!!

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Cruise season has started successfully along French Coast

The first cruise Nauticon executed this new season was along the French coast from the beautiful town of Deauville near Le Havre to Brest in Bretagne. With stop-overs in towns like Ouistreham, Carteret, Cherbourg, St. Helier (Jersey), St. Malo and L’Aber-Wrac’h it was a cultural highlight and therefore a cruise that will remain in our program.

More information about activities and highlights for this region, check the Official Normandy Tourist Board.