Crewing & Recruitment

Jobs on a private yacht are highly sought after, and an experienced yacht crew can be a determining factor in the smooth operation of your vessel. We will provide you with a select group of candidates and their profiles, enabling you to make an informed decision when it comes to filling a vacancy you may have onboard.

One to one interviews

All of our crew are interviewed in person wherever possible and always thoroughly reference checked to ensure we get a feel for personality. It´s not just about qualifications and experience and we know this; we understand the challenges of living and working onboard a yacht and recruit the crew who will fit in with your team. We won´t just send you a pile of CVs for yacht crew who nearly match the criteria for working onboard your vessel; being a boutique agency means we can tailor our approach to meet your exacting requirements. We don´t wait for crew to apply to our super yacht jobs, we actively head hunt to find the best crew for you.

Crewing and Payroll services

Having a dedicated company to take care of crew employment gives peace of mind. Also for crew it is better to have a specialized crew employment company providing correct contracts, timely salary transfers and ensuring every aspect of their employment is handled properly and timely.

The jurisdiction from which the crew are employed and paid from is important. EU Regulation will effect both the crew and the employing company. All yacht crew employed by an EU based company will be liable to social security payments. The employing company, if EU based, will also be liable to Secondary Class 1 contributions resulting in less income for the crew and more expenses for the employer. We provides the solution to prevent this potential loss and expense.

Crew stewardess working on fowers