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On this page we like to show you our selection of Cruise Information Brochures. These brochures give you an insight in cruising areas of the Northern European waters and the Mediterranean. Nauticon has cruised all these areas and written down all interesting sites. With our personal experiences we hope we give that extra wow moment to our clients. It is my privilege to take you on the breath taking tour around all interesting sites full of culture, history and excitement. We started with our cruise information brochures sailing the Northern European regions. After having done Norway, The British Islands and moving into the Baltic we slowly sailed down towards the English Channel. From there we explored the Channel Islands and along the Bretagne and Normandy coast towards the North of Spain and finished the season with a Portuguese coast cruise.

AlhambraEnjoying the winter period in Vigo we sailed towards the Atlantic Islands exploring Madeira, Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Crossing to Morocco with stays in Casablanca and Rabat. The next stops were in the Mediterranean Sea cruising the Spanish coast, French Riviera, Baleares, Corsica and Sardinia. Wintering in Spain the new season will start with a cruise of Malta and Sicily, cruising along the Italian coast towards the Flower Riviera. After the high temperature period in July and August we will explore the Southern part of Italy. If you like to have more information on our cruising programs or like to explore other sailing areas, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you and support your information request.

Reading our cruise information brochures will give you holiday feelings and emotions. We are looking forward to serve you on your next cruise!

Around Great Britian

Around Great Britian Cruise Brochure

Atlantic France

Atlantic France Cruise Brochure

Atlantic Islands

Atlantic Islands Cruise Brochure

Atlantic Portuguese Coast

Atlantic Portuguese Coast Cruise Brochure

Baltic Cruise

Baltic Cruise Brochure

Baleares & Catalonia

Baleares & Catalonia Cruise Brochure

Corsica & Sardinia

Corsica & Sardinia Cruise Brochure

Dutch Inner Waters

Dutch Inner Waters Cruise Brochure

English & Irish Castles

English & Irish Castles Cruise Brochure

English Channel & French Coast

English Channel & French Coast Cruise Brochure


Finland Cruise Brochure

Great Swedish & Gota Kanal

Great Swedish & Gota Kanal Cruise Brochure

Malta & Sicily

Malta & Sicily Cruise Brochure

Morocco & Gibraltar

Morocco & Gibraltar Cruise Brochure


Normandy Cruise Brochure

North Britain

North Britain Cruise Brochure

North Spain

North Spain Cruise Brochure

Norwegian Fjords

Norwegian Fjords Cruise Brochure

South Biscay

South Biscay Cruise Brochure












































































Andalucia & Valencia Cruise Brochure