Delivery of MY Raider

On February 7th 2018 the crew of Nauticon Yacht Services BV consisting of Arnold Timmer Captain,  Lars Tanja Chief Engineer/OOW, Thomas Lumeij Engineer/OOW and Robert Baer (agent Spain and Portugal) started the delivery of MY Raider from Gibraltar to Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After a first try in December the crew knew that it would not be an easy ride. The old lady, a De Vries Lentsch TSMY of 1963, was in reasonable shape, but as a refit project she definitely needs a lot of care. After a bumpy and rolling passage of the Gulf of Cadiz, the crew encountered the first problems. Due to a leak in the ships number 1 compartment (bow section) filled up with water quickly. Thanks to the adequate reacting crew the ship was able to make here way to Cascais for necessary repairs.

From Cascais the route was followed to Vigo to bunker fuel and await the weather for a reasonable passage of the Gulf of Biscay. After two days of waiting and repairing the crew was able to continue here route to the Netherlands in a 36 hours weather window for the passage of the Gulf. After a 4 days non-stop sailing the crew delivered this beautiful old lady at her destination in the Waalhaven in Rotterdam. A 2.200 miles journey that developed into an enormous adventure for crew and ship!