Delivery of SY Cavalo and SY Voile-O-Vent


Delivery at the end of the season

At the end of October, beginning of November Nauticon crew has delivered two sailing yachts to their new sailing grounds. SY Cavalo was delivered from Nieuwpoort, Belgium to Arcachon in France and SY Voile-O-Vent was delivered from La Rochelle, France to Bruinisse in the Netherlands.

The last delivery from La Rochelle to Bruinisse started with extreme fog for the first 24 hours. After passing Rade de brest and the Chenal de Four conditions got better. With a fuel stop at L’Aber Wrach the next port would be Dieppe. After L’Aber Wrach the weather conditions improved enormously and the delivery was carried out within the time frame. Thanks to Hans Kuiper, our dedicated yacht master.