Lagoon 42 “Waailap”

After two days of preparation it was time to depart. A delivery of a newly build Lagoon 42 from Les Sables d’ Olonne to Skradin in Croatia. A planned delivery time of almost three weeks to cover 2.500 sea miles. The crew consisted of three men. After departure the crew settled in a calm Golf of Biscay which helped to familiarize with the yacht. Moving towards the North Spanish coast the wind increased to give the catamaran a nice speed of around 8 knots. At the height of La Coruna the crew encountered a beautiful whale only 20-30 meters in front of the bow. First stop was in Cascais. The engines got serviced and necessary shopping was done. After Cascais the planning was to sail up to Cartagena to refuel and make the passage directly to Sicily. Stormy weather in the Strait of Gibraltar made an extra stop in Cadiz necessary. After refueling and supplying in Cartagena the yacht moved on to Licata at Sicily. An extra stop was planned in Catania for the owner to get onboard. The last 4 days we used to familiarize the owner with the yacht. After a calm passage through the Adriatic the yacht reached the beautiful inland bay of Skradin.