Yacht Consultancy

Building a yacht requires time and careful attention to details and technical developments. Nauticon is specialized in assisting with every aspect of the building process from design to the launch, and everything in between, such as: mold development, scheduling, procedures, systems, electrical, carpentry details, equipment selection, build processes, infusion, paint and fairing, etc. All of which streamlines construction and ensures the development of the highest quality yachts.

Yacht Consultancy, project management and quality control

Project & Quality Management

With the appointment of a project manager you will have an expert coordinator for the duration of the construction or renovation of your yacht. Your project manager is the linking pin between you and the contracted wharf – making sure that the construction progresses according to the contracted specifications and timetable with an eye for your wishes. Periodically a detailed report will be made describing the actual status of the building project. The project manager is your personal consultant.

Quality Control & Project Management

Sea trial programs

To determine and check the seaworthiness and performances of a yacht sea trials are being executed as final piece of a building process. During the sea trial we test all on board apparatus and safety equipment but also the ships maneuverability, speed and overall performance. Mechanical installations are checked on vibrations and navigation equipment is calibrated if necessary. Nauticon is proud on the fact that the results from sea trials often leads to improvement or innovation!

Our delivery and testing phase:
• Conduct regular surveys of the yacht and control quality during the delivery of the yacht.
• Verify if the yacht is build according to the agreed contracts and specifications.
• Ensure in cooperation with the captain and crew that the yacht and her systems can perform without any problems.
• Compile a final list of required modifications based on tests and quality control surveys.

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