Nauticon’s Yacht Financial Management BV gives a completely new approach on doing business with your yacht. They change your investment to a solid business with or without chartering. Tax experts help you to get the most out of your investment, they will find tax benefits and create added value. Financial specialists create attractive solutions to realize the financing of your dream project either it is a new build or extensive refit, they will make it happen! With a tailored yacht insurance you know you operate your yacht with a solid coverage for hull and machinery, third party liability, medical payments and crew protection and indemnity. Nauticon Yacht Financial Management will make sure your insurance fits you where ever you are operating.


Dutch Flag, Nederlandse vlagA yacht owner has the right to register their vessel in a flag state of their choice, providing the flag state approves the application for registration. There are various favorable jurisdictions to choose from, with many offering low or zero taxes and low registration costs. For compliance with EU regulations we have developed a tax beneficial concept of yacht registration under Dutch flag.

Our full services range from your first planning to the choice of flag, the financing and registration of your yacht including mortgage registration if necessary. We provide yacht owners with property and operating structures in terms of corporate and tax compliance, both with respect to direct taxes as VAT aspects, reflecting the most balanced solution to their very personal interests.

Yacht Financial Management and Dutch Flag registration