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Delivery of a Mini Super Yacht, DME-7

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

A delivery from Stavoren to Scarlino, Italy started April 23th. A stunning mini super yacht build by Sturier Yachts in Stavoren. The yacht sailed non-stop from the Netherlands to Cadiz were the owner and the new deckhand came on board. After the crew change and some supplies the Nauticon crew, supported by the owner and his deckhand sailed on via Gibraltar for a refuel towards Palma de Mallorca. With a short stop-over at Calla d'Or we sailed on towards the final destination in Italy, Scarlino Marina.

The total delivery time was almost 3 weeks. During this period we have not encountered any technical problems, which demonstrates the quality of Sturier Yachts Shipyard.

The video below was created by Guy Fleury who is a certified drone pilot and great photographer. You can check Guy's work at his website. Guy is also active for Dutch Yachting.

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