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Executing sea-trials with the VQ 115 Veloce

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

On May 9th 2023 the first VQ 115, named Manu, with homeport The Greek USA, was launched at Zwartsluis, The Netherlands by Vanquish Super Yachts. It was a smooth operation carried out by Hebo Maritime Services.

With still works to be done on the technical installations and the interior, Nauticon Yacht Services started to prepare the yacht for sea-trials on June 8th. Our sea-trial captain and engineer did the safety and pre-departure checks and with a last safety briefing and checks we were ready to execute the sea-trials. Starting at the IJsselmeer and planned to move to the North Sea end of the day. But as always with sea-trials, a plan is a plan and it doesn't always work the way you want or expect. So, with some adjustments the yacht was able to move into the lock of Den Oever on the 9th and start her first salt water experiences.

An important part of the sea-trials was the testing and commissioning of all technical installations such as the three main engines, the Xenta controls, the hydraulics for bow- and stern trusters and all electronics. Besides the testing we also needed to check the compliancy to specifications and performance data.

On June 14th we took her out for the final adjustments on the Xenta controls and finailized the sea-trials with a good handling and well maneuvering vessel. It was a delight to be part of the realization of this beautiful creation and we are looking forward to future VQ 115's!

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