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Yacht Services

We know that one size does not fit all. Our yacht services are specifically tailored to the needs of our clients. We work to understand the needs of you and your yacht and always maintain the highest possible service level.

Yacht Delivery

Do you want to move your yacht to a new sailing location, but you don’t have the time or experience? Nauticon has many years of experience with yacht deliveries. We are available to assist you at reasonable rates. We take care of all required transportation and customs paperwork. As the owner we will inform you on a daily basis about the progress of the delivery. Of course you can also sail along!

Yacht Management

Our yacht services as part of our one stop shop yacht management concept handles all operational, personnel and technical aspects. This concept gives you a full insight in all aspects and makes yacht services financially transparent and manageable. With a yearly service budget including a monthly service and budget overview, you are completely informed and no unwelcome surprises will be on your course. Your yacht will always be ready for you and your guests anywhere and anytime. We take care of yachts!

Yacht Purchase Advise

Is the yacht you have in mind, the best choice for your dreams to come true? If you buy a second-hand yacht, is it as reliable as the broker tells you? Nauticon can help you in your quest to find the best suitable yacht for you. We have decades of experience that will help you to make the right choice. Combined with our knowledge and execution of sea-trials, no design flaw or deferred maintenance remains undiscovered.

Crewing and Recruitment

Jobs on a private yacht are highly sought after, and an experienced yacht crew can be a determining factor in the smooth operation of your vessel. We will provide you with a select group of candidates and their profiles, enabling you to make an informed decision when it comes to filling a vacancy you may have onboard. Having a dedicated company to take care of crew employment gives you peace of mind.

Project Management

With the appointment of a project manager you will have an expert coordinator for the duration of the construction or renovation of your yacht. Your project manager is the linking pin between you and the contracted wharf – making sure that the construction progresses according to the contracted specifications and timetable with an eye on your wishes. Periodically a detailed report will be made describing the actual status of the building project. Our project manager is your personal consultant.

Sea-Trial Programming

To determine and check the seaworthiness and performances of a yacht, sea trials are being executed as the final piece of a building process. During the sea trial we test all on board apparatus and safety equipment, but also the ships manoeuvrability, speed and overall performance. Mechanical installations are checked on vibrations and navigation equipment is calibrated if necessary.

Our Clients Testimonials

Motor Yacht Raider | Crewing and Recruitment client

Owner Motor Yacht Raider

''We work with Nauticon Yacht Services since 2017. Their appointed yacht manager takes care of the crewing, maintenance, exploitation and budget monitoring. During the two and a half year of refitting Nauticon supported us with their knowledge of systems and operations.'' - Medazur Yacht Leasing Company, Malta.

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