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Memories of a No-Nonsense Explorer Yacht

Updated: Jan 28

In 2011 we got in contact with Sinnautic International. The click between Nauticon Yacht Services and Sinnautic was easy made, because both company directors had a common background at the Royal Netherlands Naval Air Service as navigator. Sinnautic had developed a no-nonsense explorer yacht based on a former auxillary vessel of the Netherlands Navy. In 2012 a number of shipyards decided to participate at the Moscow Boat Show. Sinnautic and Nauticon both joined this group and had a succesful boatshow.

Sirius is an expeditionary explorer yacht with great potential for anybody who wants to be able to sail around every part of the world. The forward mast is hydraulic and also acts as a crane. In the forward part of the vessel is a storage where a small car, quad bike or any other toy can be stored and retrieved. Sirius is currently for sale at Yacht Brokers De Valk. Hindeloopen.

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