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Vanquish 58, Not for everyone

With pride we are looking back at a successful delivery of a Vanquish 58, a 18 meter stunning motor yacht. The delivery started in Marknesse, homeplate of Vanquish yachts. The yacht was transferred on its own keel to Zeebrugge to be loaded up on a special convoy truck from the Van Der Wetering Company.

Van Der Wetering transported this beauty from Zeebrugge to Port Saint Louise near Marseille. There our crew took over the yacht to deliver it to Corfu via Malta. First stop before crossing over to Corsica was Port Grimaud. The competent support of Lalmy Care made sure the yacht was fueled up, the crew well rested and supported with supplies to cross over via Corsica and Sardegna towards Sicily and the first destination Malta.

After all paperwork was settled for the flag registration the crew sailed the last leg of the journey to homeport Corfu. There the yacht was handed over to the Vanquish service crew that made her ready for her proud owner.

It was a great adventure to sail this 1.280 nautical miles delivery. And to do this without any technical issue on a brand new yacht tells you everything about the quality and craftmanship a Vanquish yacht is built!

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