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A Lagoon Delivery with Windforce 10 (Up to 56 Knots of Wind!)

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Weather systems in January can be complex and most times consist of low-pressure systems moving towards Northern Ireland or the English Channel entering the Gulf of Biskaye. Weather planning and good predictions are crucial for a safe passage. Subsequently, this always means that the captain and crew need to have a contingency in ports that can be approached in all weather conditions. With our standard operating procedures (SOP’s) we work with a standardized heavy weather flowchart.

Besides the captain and crew there is also a role for the back office. They keep tracking the development of the weather systems and the impact on the vessel’s position and send updated weather charts whenever possible.

Starting in Les Sables d'Olonne, the crew set sail to The Netherlands on a brand new Lagoon 46. After two days the weather started to turn around due to a low pressure system and forced them to take cover in Loctudy. A low pressure system with windforce 10 passed by and after 36 hours the track could be continued. Brest was the next stop as another low pressure area was forecasted with wind speeds up to 56 knots. With three reefs in the main sail and 25% jib the crew was able to get through the six meter high waves. Eventually, cover was taken in the Port of Brest due to its inland position causing an easy entrance with plenty of shelter. The Lagoon 46 handled extremely well and is highly capable of navigating through this extreme weather. Fortunately the storm passed by quickly and the crew was able to continue its way smoothly back to the north of the Netherlands. Another succesfull Lagoon delivery completed!

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