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The Story of Motor Yacht Hippo, an Altena Raised Pilot House

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

We started our delivery on February 24th 2022 from Altena Yachting Shipyard in Raamsdonkveer, The Netherlands to Denia, Spain. Although, that was the plan. We started of with a strong windforce 7 at the North Sea, so a night over in Hellevoetsluis was choosen before leaving to sea. The next day weather was clearing and we departed around noon to head to the south. After a start with some rough seastate the weather became better and slowly we sailed into the night. Hippo was doing well and no problems detected. But, with the wind and waves increasing again the movements of the yacht increased and lower on fuel quantity it caused for problems. The fuel was contaminated and causing problems on the main engine. So we made a decision to enter Dieppe. Two reasons; to let the low pressure system pass and take time to clean the fuel filters.

With new filters we continued our journey. The engine was performing good again. After one and a half day again problems with the performance of the engine and again we had dirty fuel filters. The captain made the call to enter Brest. Just before the passage of the Goulet de Brest the engine stalled and again we needed to clean the filters. With a current before the entry of these waters haste was required and within a few minutes we were able to cranck up the engine. again. In Brest we arranged a truck to remove all fuel, clean the tanks and refuel again. Although all steps had been followed we still encountered some problems and sailed the yacht into Les Sables d' Olonne. The necessary repairs were done and a new crew brought here back to the Netherlands.

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